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Sarra / Nov 16, 2011
Hey guys,

We are currently setting up an all-new guild site over at Wowstead. It's still under construction but after the work I've put on it the past couple days, I think it's functional enough that you guys can get started signing up and checking it out!

Addict Guild Wowstead 3(

If you already are a member with Curse you can log in with your Curse ID. Otherwise you will need to sign up for an ID with them to log in to the site and verify your characters. Please let me know what you think! I have added a lot of new things that we couldn't do easily with Shivtr, including:

  • The News & Guild Information are no longer part of the forums - they have their own pages that you can reach via the navigation menu
  • There is a showcase page for our progression, showing what bosses we've downed and includes links to our raid videos
  • Link to World of Logs
  • Link to Armory
  • Link to our Youtube
  • Direct download links to our required addons for raiding
  • In-game Roster & Character's armory info displayed directly on site
I can add more pages to anytihng that might be fun or useful, but those were all the ideas I have for now. I'm thinking of adding the following:

  • More information about our raiders; possibly a member spotlight/interview type thing once a week or so, or even an official MVP once a week or month or something
  • Possibly a different custom background & logo/banner, but not sure what might look better
  • Better looking, easier to read Progression module on the front page - I'm trying to change it because I think it's not very well organized
  • I may change the logos for Addict around the site to match instead of some of the information having the old all-caps logo in red.
  • What other ideas do you have?? Comment please!
Sarra / Oct 23, 2011

Congratulations everybody!

We are officially 6/7 Heroic.
But even better, we have also completed our raid achievements for our sparkle birds!

In the coming weeks we will be working hard on Heroic Ragnaros progression, and hopefully still having fun along the way! We encourage everyone to log in outside of raid hours for some fun doing achievements, or in search of transmog gear from old raids. Or if you are unable, at least log in vent and laugh it up some with us!

As for heroic ragnaros, I have rounded up some resources, so check em out! I'm sure a lot of you have some of your own you've been looking at, so please feel free to comment on this post and I'll add anything relevant. I think most of you have heard by now but we are altering our strat during the transition (seeds adds); we are going to put down initial aoe and then spread ASAP to all corners of the platform. So if you see anything in a guide/video that is different from that, disregard.

Wowhead Information
FatBoss 10 Man Guide [Video]
Paragon 25 Man Strategy Guide [Text & Screenshot]
Icy Veins Strategy Guide [Text]
Learn To Raid's 25 Man Strategy Guide [Video]
Angered 10 Man Strategy Guide [Text & Screenshot]
Angered 10 Man Kill [Video]
Paragon 25 Man Kill [Video]
Vodka 25 Man Kill [Video]

Fasten your seatbelts!

As always, be checking your forums and theorycrafting and min-maxing, because now we're on a fight where it actually will make a big difference. We will need everyone to bring their A Game and alot of enthusiasm to bag this sucker!

In other news: The Beth video is almost done, I should be uploading that in a little while. But also expect to see a big change with the site. Your admins have been considering getting a paid (instead of freebie) website for a couple days, and if we do that we are considering moving to Wowstead instead of Shivtr (mmoguildsites). I'm still in the process of exploring the customization options of both to see what I could do the most with, but whatever we pick expect to see a snazzier site pretty soon :)

Stay sharp guys, and great job so far !
- Sarra, Brandon & Ishan
Sarra / Oct 06, 2011

After a moderately painful set of attempts and bad luck on heroic Baleroc, we killed him last night, racking up our total number of heroic kills to 4 out of 7 in Firelands. Not bad guys! We were so close to Alysrazor as well that 'the management' is unanimously convinced we will be 5/7 by the end of tonight ~ Cross your fingers for no personal emergencies, wrath of the disconnection gods, or RNG hell.

I also just caught up on video-making, largely thanks to Tree & Jabber's coaxing. The second one should be done uploading as I finish this post, and I'll link it for you guys (H Domo)! Side note: I LOVE the music on this week's video ~ especially the last two songs, a remix of Deadmau5 by Skrillex & a song by Pendulum ~~ keep audio on till the end and tell me what you think!

8) Our one-shot of heroic domo to some sweet tunes, that's what the fuck is up!

For tomorrow remind yourself what you need to repeat on domo (by watching the video maybe, hmmm?) and come prepared to slaughter Alysrazor, and possibly put attempts on Beth again too if all goes well. A little birdie told me we may even provoke a certain heroic boss who has some really awesome legs...!?

All in all great job so far this week guys, keep it up.

And don't be bad to make Brandon rage at you because I am the one hiding around the corner from his wrath! EEP o.o Take pity on me Q_Q

Brandon / Sep 17, 2011

We've been working on getting our feet wet with heroics for the past week and we've finally got some progression down. We want to thank everyone for sticking with us through this period as we've had to replace several people to get to this point.

We had a good week this week with H Shannox and our attempts on H Rhyolith. In the next weeks we'll be making a push to get Rhyolith, Domo & Baleroc down. We all know we are capable of clearing this content, so keep up the good work!

PS: WTB more nerdscreams for Heroic Kills & Loot, always makes the end of the videos funny :)

Sarra / Jul 21, 2011

Great job so far this week, guys!
I just wanted to congratulate you all on your good work & provide all of the Rag help out there in one place so you can all prepare for tomorrow ~ bring your same A game and we'll do some serious work on him this week!
Tankspot Guide & Discussion
Learn to Raid Guide
Icy Veins Raid Guide
Wowhead: Rangaros (Encounter Details & Strategies via Comment Pages)
World of Logs - Ragnaros Rankings
Sarra / Jun 25, 2011
This week everyone has been working hard to prepare for Firelands. We have only been putting the guild back together for about a week, but are thankfully almost completely ready for next week. Here's how it's shaping up:

Raid Composition
Two Tanks
1) Imbur - Protection Paladin
2) Olrox - Protection Warrior

Two Melee DPS
1) Fourpawz - Feral (Cat)
2) Hadesx - Frost DK

Three Ranged DPS
1) Accora - Marksman Hunter
2) Monstaman - Affliction Warlock
3) Daemon - Shadow Priest

Three Healers
1) Resto Druid - TBD
2) Jabberwocky - Holy Paladin
3) TBD - Restoration Shaman

So if you know a talented Resto Druid/Shaman, or any exceptional melee dps (that aren't feral cat) definitely please have them apply or contact one of us.

Firelands Strategies
In preparation for Firelands your officers have been working hard to dig up all information we can about the fights. I have made a post with the raw information about the bosses as well as videos of all the fights. There are a few guide videos but mostly these are PTR kills, just so you can see the fights you are reading about. We are also working on developing our own strategies. For now you can read strategies at Icy Veins until we finalize our own.

Firelands information thread:
Firelands Strategies:

Firelands Quest Chains

The quest department of Patch 4.2: Rage of the Firelands introduces a two-part daily quests hub in Hyjal/Firelands, as well as an epic quest line that involves Thrall, his raging emotions, and the love of his life Aggra. Thrall's quest chain will be available the moment the live servers come online after the patch hits, and you will be able to grab the introductory quest from Orgrimmar / Stormwind and head directly to Hyjal to being your adventure. Completing the entire chain will rewards you with an epic cloak of item level 365.

Starting the Regrowth and Molten Front dailies hubs will also be available immediately, but your character will have to have done about half of the quests in Hyjal in order to start progressing through those. Unlike the Isle of Quel'Danas dailies progression, the Firelands Invasion will not depend on your realm's activity, but on your own instead. Quests and dailies you complete in the two hubs will award you with Mark of the World Tree, which you can spend on unlocking new stages and through them - new quests and rewards.

Link to WoWhead Guide: Firelands Quest Chains
For all additional general information about 4.2 check the full WoWhead guide here: WoWHead to 4.2