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Guild News 06/24/11 - Plans for Firelands!

Sarra / Jun 25, 2011
This week everyone has been working hard to prepare for Firelands. We have only been putting the guild back together for about a week, but are thankfully almost completely ready for next week. Here's how it's shaping up:

Raid Composition
Two Tanks
1) Imbur - Protection Paladin
2) Olrox - Protection Warrior

Two Melee DPS
1) Fourpawz - Feral (Cat)
2) Hadesx - Frost DK

Three Ranged DPS
1) Accora - Marksman Hunter
2) Monstaman - Affliction Warlock
3) Daemon - Shadow Priest

Three Healers
1) Resto Druid - TBD
2) Jabberwocky - Holy Paladin
3) TBD - Restoration Shaman

So if you know a talented Resto Druid/Shaman, or any exceptional melee dps (that aren't feral cat) definitely please have them apply or contact one of us.

Firelands Strategies
In preparation for Firelands your officers have been working hard to dig up all information we can about the fights. I have made a post with the raw information about the bosses as well as videos of all the fights. There are a few guide videos but mostly these are PTR kills, just so you can see the fights you are reading about. We are also working on developing our own strategies. For now you can read strategies at Icy Veins until we finalize our own.

Firelands information thread:
Firelands Strategies:

Firelands Quest Chains

The quest department of Patch 4.2: Rage of the Firelands introduces a two-part daily quests hub in Hyjal/Firelands, as well as an epic quest line that involves Thrall, his raging emotions, and the love of his life Aggra. Thrall's quest chain will be available the moment the live servers come online after the patch hits, and you will be able to grab the introductory quest from Orgrimmar / Stormwind and head directly to Hyjal to being your adventure. Completing the entire chain will rewards you with an epic cloak of item level 365.

Starting the Regrowth and Molten Front dailies hubs will also be available immediately, but your character will have to have done about half of the quests in Hyjal in order to start progressing through those. Unlike the Isle of Quel'Danas dailies progression, the Firelands Invasion will not depend on your realm's activity, but on your own instead. Quests and dailies you complete in the two hubs will award you with Mark of the World Tree, which you can spend on unlocking new stages and through them - new quests and rewards.

Link to WoWhead Guide: Firelands Quest Chains
For all additional general information about 4.2 check the full WoWhead guide here: WoWHead to 4.2


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