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Guild News 10/06/11 - Addict is 4/7 Heroic Firelands and counting!

Sarra / Oct 06, 2011

After a moderately painful set of attempts and bad luck on heroic Baleroc, we killed him last night, racking up our total number of heroic kills to 4 out of 7 in Firelands. Not bad guys! We were so close to Alysrazor as well that 'the management' is unanimously convinced we will be 5/7 by the end of tonight ~ Cross your fingers for no personal emergencies, wrath of the disconnection gods, or RNG hell.

I also just caught up on video-making, largely thanks to Tree & Jabber's coaxing. The second one should be done uploading as I finish this post, and I'll link it for you guys (H Domo)! Side note: I LOVE the music on this week's video ~ especially the last two songs, a remix of Deadmau5 by Skrillex & a song by Pendulum ~~ keep audio on till the end and tell me what you think!

8) Our one-shot of heroic domo to some sweet tunes, that's what the fuck is up!

For tomorrow remind yourself what you need to repeat on domo (by watching the video maybe, hmmm?) and come prepared to slaughter Alysrazor, and possibly put attempts on Beth again too if all goes well. A little birdie told me we may even provoke a certain heroic boss who has some really awesome legs...!?

All in all great job so far this week guys, keep it up.

And don't be bad to make Brandon rage at you because I am the one hiding around the corner from his wrath! EEP o.o Take pity on me Q_Q



That was great! I really liked the 2nd song =D
I like this proves shamans are op...need healing rain size reduced, and mana regen nerfed for shamans only b/c both jab and I we're oom. :P
After watching it again I actually like the first song more ... COOLBEANS!
First song is Ratatat's Gettysburg, which has been one of my favorite songs forever. I love Ratatat; and got brandon hooked on them as well :)

I'm really glad to hear you liked the second one too ~ I never really use songs like that (slower, ambient-ish) and I usually avoid female singers or not-as-peppy lyrics. But I really loved the song for this one despite all that too! Glad someone else felt it wasnt out of place too.

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