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Guild News 10/23/11 Only Heroic Ragnaros Left Standing!

Sarra / Oct 23, 2011

Congratulations everybody!

We are officially 6/7 Heroic.
But even better, we have also completed our raid achievements for our sparkle birds!

In the coming weeks we will be working hard on Heroic Ragnaros progression, and hopefully still having fun along the way! We encourage everyone to log in outside of raid hours for some fun doing achievements, or in search of transmog gear from old raids. Or if you are unable, at least log in vent and laugh it up some with us!

As for heroic ragnaros, I have rounded up some resources, so check em out! I'm sure a lot of you have some of your own you've been looking at, so please feel free to comment on this post and I'll add anything relevant. I think most of you have heard by now but we are altering our strat during the transition (seeds adds); we are going to put down initial aoe and then spread ASAP to all corners of the platform. So if you see anything in a guide/video that is different from that, disregard.

Wowhead Information
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Learn To Raid's 25 Man Strategy Guide [Video]
Angered 10 Man Strategy Guide [Text & Screenshot]
Angered 10 Man Kill [Video]
Paragon 25 Man Kill [Video]
Vodka 25 Man Kill [Video]

Fasten your seatbelts!

As always, be checking your forums and theorycrafting and min-maxing, because now we're on a fight where it actually will make a big difference. We will need everyone to bring their A Game and alot of enthusiasm to bag this sucker!

In other news: The Beth video is almost done, I should be uploading that in a little while. But also expect to see a big change with the site. Your admins have been considering getting a paid (instead of freebie) website for a couple days, and if we do that we are considering moving to Wowstead instead of Shivtr (mmoguildsites). I'm still in the process of exploring the customization options of both to see what I could do the most with, but whatever we pick expect to see a snazzier site pretty soon :)

Stay sharp guys, and great job so far !
- Sarra, Brandon & Ishan



Love it

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