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New Guild Site!

Sarra / Nov 16, 2011
Hey guys,

We are currently setting up an all-new guild site over at Wowstead. It's still under construction but after the work I've put on it the past couple days, I think it's functional enough that you guys can get started signing up and checking it out!

Addict Guild Wowstead 3(

If you already are a member with Curse you can log in with your Curse ID. Otherwise you will need to sign up for an ID with them to log in to the site and verify your characters. Please let me know what you think! I have added a lot of new things that we couldn't do easily with Shivtr, including:

  • The News & Guild Information are no longer part of the forums - they have their own pages that you can reach via the navigation menu
  • There is a showcase page for our progression, showing what bosses we've downed and includes links to our raid videos
  • Link to World of Logs
  • Link to Armory
  • Link to our Youtube
  • Direct download links to our required addons for raiding
  • In-game Roster & Character's armory info displayed directly on site
I can add more pages to anytihng that might be fun or useful, but those were all the ideas I have for now. I'm thinking of adding the following:

  • More information about our raiders; possibly a member spotlight/interview type thing once a week or so, or even an official MVP once a week or month or something
  • Possibly a different custom background & logo/banner, but not sure what might look better
  • Better looking, easier to read Progression module on the front page - I'm trying to change it because I think it's not very well organized
  • I may change the logos for Addict around the site to match instead of some of the information having the old all-caps logo in red.
  • What other ideas do you have?? Comment please!

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