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Sarra / Jan 30, 2011

Wait, that's not right...
Here we go.

Noodled, our beloved guild rogue, has been promoted to an officer position! Noodled will mainly be contributing to the recruiting efforts and management of our current membership, however he will also contribute to much of the decision-making that goes on behind the scenes by the GM's as well. As of his promotion (and maybe before too, let's be honest) Noodled will be your best resource if you have any questions or concerns. He will do his best to help you out with any issues related to the guild, and if he cannot resolve your issue personally he will refer you to the GM's or another appropriate resource. Noodled has already helped us out a lot with getting new recruits to put in more applications, which is the hardest part of filling these last few spots that you all know we need! With Noodled's help the ten-man should be stronger than ever.

In his own words,
"I want our back-ups to have back-ups!"

Everyone toss him a congratulations & thanks for the hard work he's already done!

In other Guild News, we did get Maloriak down (Noodled solo'd him at the end!) so a guild video for that will be going up today or tomorrow. Today we also got our first Guild Feast recipe due to the hard work of all of you! I know at least a few people who went far out of their way to gather extra mats to go crazy cooking for this achievement, so thank you guys! As you all know your raid leader is moving in with his fellow GM today, so no raiding tonight. But get ready for the next kills!

We put in some good work on Council & Atramedes, and I think I speak for all of us when I say we feel like we have those two fights in our pocket now! Council is LONG overdue - we have only been limited on that by the fact that we have had unreliable recruit & pug dps. And Atramedes... well, the big blind bat really just wasn't that challenging, so that is definitely going down in the near future. Don't stand in Fire - GG. Once these two fights are down, we will have remaining:
Al'Akir, Chimaeron, Cho'Gall, & Nefarian.
So read, read, watch videos, and read some more!

As a side note, we are still recruiting heavily for not only the raiding team, but the guild as a whole. We would really like to see some more people in the guild who are spanning a wider breadth of interests - PvP, achievements, leveling alts, back-up raiders, or just family & friends. So ask your friends! If you meet people and they don't have a serious commitment to their guild (or aren't in a guild - or HELL, even if they have a GREAT guild) tell them to come hang out with us! We are a fun bunch of experienced players, and many people would enjoy being around for our off-hours shenanigans even if they don't want to raid. A guild with cool people and non-douchebag leaders is less common than you'd think :P

Anyway, more later! Harass Noodled for us!
Daemøn & Jabberwocký

Sarra / Jan 15, 2011
Omnitron Defense System

Thanks go to Four for sharing the music with me, I really liked it and thought it worked well in the video. If you haven't already, go check the music threads we have going on the forums and contribute any music you like too and it may be in one! I need more ideas or I spend more time looking for music than I do making the video.

Anyway, obviously we got Omnitron down. Unfortunately due to a really bad combination of two unavoidable AFK's from core members, one person who had an unavoidable late arrival and one recruit that flaked out, we were severely under-guild-membered for the run and didn't get guild credit/progress. But whatever, we got the VP & gear for next time!

Daemøn & Jabber
Sarra / Jan 14, 2011
Okay... not really a new youtube.

But it might as well be. I turned my previous personal youtube (with some premade graphics i stole somewhere for a background) into the guild youtube. The only thing I ever posted there anyway was the guild videos, so it's all the same. I re-designed the layout and all, check it out :)

Also, keep an eye out because a new Omnotron vid may or may not go up in the near future... :)
Sarra / Jan 12, 2011
Valiona & Theralion Video

Again, not our first kill, but at least it's up now! This is my first video using Sony Vegas to edit (instead of Windows Live Movie Maker) and wow, what a difference. Tell me if you think this one is better (in terms of editing anyway). There is a lot I can do now with this program, so we'll see! I would like to make an intro in the future with some flashy 3D animation for our guild logo to go at the beginning of all our videos. I'm not sure how exactly yet but I'm working on it. I'd still love music requests if any of you have some good ideas. The music this time is by Pendulum, Noodled's idea this time. Gimme more! I prefer either 1) stuff that is very 'epic' and cinematic, like the in-game wow music, or soundtrack music to movies like gladiator OR 2) Very upbeat music or songs with positive/fighting messages (nothing vulgar or lyrics that are very unrelatad to the video). In general rap or really hard rock aren't a good idea because we want music that everyone can tolerate (something a little more mild, more mass-appeal).